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The bit I really hate about having mobility problems

Posted on: June 11, 2009

The loss of independence

Yesterday I had made arrangements to go to the market with my friend. Somehow we got our wires crossed and ended up at  different markets. It was just one of those things, so I why did I end up in tears?

There I was sitting there in the car close to the market, but because someone wasn’t there to help me I had to drive away and not just go and get a few bits.

I went to Asda instead and as usual the bloody place was so full I couldn’t manage to get all my shopping, and they didn’t have most of the list anyway. So I stood there with that bloody trolley and cried. I cried all the way to my doctors where I was due for a smear test, and I cried on the nurses shoulder for a while. Then I cried when the smear test had to be cancelled because I couldn’t lay on my back for too long.

It really made me think, how on earth am I going to manage an mri?


2 Responses to "The bit I really hate about having mobility problems"

oh no
surely they must have a way to do the MRI so that you are not uncomfortable. Praying for you!!

I have done a bit of research on the machines and you have 2 choices, sitting of lying and I cannot do either for long periods. I think I’ll have to get some meds to knock me out.

Thank you for the prayers! x x

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