Slow and Steady

Wl diary days 26-28

Posted on: June 14, 2009

I spent most of Friday in bed. I got out to go to the pool and then came straight back into bed. I’ve been having some odd symptoms. I’ve now got pins and needles in my left hand almost constantly, but shows up in different fingers. I’ve also seem to jump involuntarily in my leg or my arm. It fells like when the doctor hits your reflexes with a hammer, I can’t help but jump, and I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

I didn’t cook on Friday as I wasn’t really hungry. I made up a little plate of snacks when I got in from the pool. I had a mango, a cheese and onion marmalade salad sandwich and 2 portions of cake. I am practically out of fresh veg and only have one mango left by this point. I was annoyed because my sister told me that she’d help me go to the market on Friday which she didn’t.

I spent Saturday with my new found nieces and nephews and had a wonderful time. Again I wasn’t really hungry and had 2 portions of mango and a cheese and onion marmalade sandwich made with one slice of bread.

At my sisters I had about 3 tablespoons of rice and peas, and jerk chicken cooked outside on a BBQ, a fried snapper and a little salad. I also had some plantain chips and toffee popcorn.

Today, I had a portion of mango, a handful of salad seeds, and a cheese and onion marmalade sandwich. Again made with one slice of toast. I went to the cinema and had a small box of popcorn.


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