Slow and Steady

wl diary day 30

Posted on: June 16, 2009

Today I tried to do some of the Walk Away the Pounds DVD I have. I only managed to do the warm up that was around 4 minutes and then I did my stretches afterwards.

It was a lot harder than the ‘walking’ (marching on the spot) that I was doing myself. I was surprised by that because I was moving to songs with a high tempo. Anyway I’m going to continue to do the warm up for the rest of the week and next week, I’ll attempt to add 5 minutes on to it.


3 portions of fruit. I usually have 2 but as I’m having a late lunch today, I don’t want to get to the restaurant really hungry.


I had 2 handfuls of seeds and a handful of pretzel sticks


A mutual friend  informed me that there is a surprise party for the friend who I’m going out to lunch with. That means there will probably be snacks so I decided to have something light in the restaurant as I know I’ll probably snack on some bits and pieces later.

I  chose a Greek salad with added chicken breast, and a glass of pinot grigo. I had a very interesting conversation with someon at the lunch who has lost 3 stone by doing Paul McKenna I can make you thin CD. I think I may try it and see how it works for me. Apparently, what spurred her into trying it was seeing a show with a woman in a wheelchair who cannot do any physical exercise, lose a lot of weight through doing the programme.

My friends were pushing me to get dessert, and there really wasn’t anything I wanted, but they kept on so I ended up getting a Baileys hot chocolate.


Was all a bit of a mish mash.It was actually a lot more substantial than I thought it would be. It was a full on BBQ!


I had a bit of Jalepeno Sausage.

A plain burger off the BBQ, and a chicken leg with roasted veggies. I took another chicken leg but had 2 bites and put it down. It didn’t taste right. I’ve learnt the hard way to not keep eating just to be polite if your taste buds are warning you not to eat something!

There was also birthday cake to eat, but I’m not really a chocolate person and left half of it.

I had a lot to drink today. I was in pain after leaving the restaurant and had to go to the bathroom twice to cry because I was in pain. I’m fed up of missing out, and even if I went to lay down I’d still be in pain, so what’s the point? I ended up drinking a lot of punch and a straight shot of brandy to get me through the evening. I can see how easy it would be for chronic pain sufferers to become alcoholics.


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