Slow and Steady

Weight loss diary days 31-32

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Day 31 (Weds 18th June)

Yesterday I did no walking in the morning as I intended to go to the pool for an aqua class in the evening. It wasn’t a nice experience and I was a bit down when I came home.




A scone and butter at the library.


Soup and a slice of bread


Steamed snapper with vegetables and boiled potato and plantain.


A sponge cake, 3 Haribo strawberries.

Day 32 Thurs 29th June

I got up this morning and did my walk with Leslie Sansone, and got up to 0.25 of a mile!

I didn’t feel good when I drove home from the hospital. In hindsight, driving to any medical appointment (gp not included) is a bad idea as I’m always sore after the twists and turns they make me do.

I was really hungry today, lucky there isn’t any snacks in the house!


a plum and nectarine and 2 bowls of cereal


Soup and a slice of bread


Fish with veg potato and veg


A sponge cake with coconut buttercream

Some pretzels

A cheese sandwich made with 1 slice of bread


2 Responses to "Weight loss diary days 31-32"

Thank you for assisting me, I’m just getting my head around setting up and modifying my page. Should be very interesting.

Did somebody say plantain???

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