Slow and Steady

The valley of Purpose and Intent

Posted on: June 24, 2009

This is a book that I never part from. It’s like my bible in a way. Like my bible, I don’t lend it out, never pack it away and when I’m feeling low, I read it for comfort.

As you can see from yesterdays post I was a bit down. I spoke to a good friend and we cheered each other up. Then my dad came round this morning to give me his netbook because he knows that I NEED the internet!

While I was waiting for him, I picked up my book and browsed through. The first chapter gives a brief overview of each valley so I usually flick through that to give me an idea of a chapter to read.

This particular valley hit me.

We love to flit around doing a little of this and that. We are too busy flitting with no real purpose…

The experiences which take us into this valley are designed to force us to question what we are doing and the purpose of it all…

When you have clarity, commitment is an easy task…

Definitely a chapter I need right now. I’ve made so many plans, but forgetting something quite important.

I’m not 100% right now, and trying to focus deeply on anything other than my health is extremely difficult.

I decided to sit down and write a plan going forward for my health.

Here is my health plan for the moment.

  • Continue with my stretches and pool work.
  • Keep trying to lose weight.

This Paul McKenna thing is actually quite good. As I type I have a packet of crisps next to me, and I’m not in the least bit interested.

  • Start taking my pain pills regularly again.

I had stopped for a while to try a technique taught on the pain management programme. The idea is that when one gets used to the pills even though one still feels pain. The idea is to not take them regularly, and just when you are feeling really bad so you can get that ‘hit’.  I gave it a go before and it didn’t work and as a few months have past, I tried again and it still didn’t work.

Now I’ll be having my MRI in a few weeks, and have thought long and hard about the results and here is what I’m going to do.

If the results show a problem…

  • Cry.
  • Ring up every doctor who told me it was in my mind and cuss out their bloodclaart.
  • Find out what the medical field can do for me and then see if there are any suggestions in the alternative health field.

If the MRI shows up nothing…

  • Cry
  • Cry some more
  • Starting bawling
  • Sleep
  • Cry again
  • Take the scans to an osteopath to peruse.

I was told a long time ago by a very good osteopath who has now retired that when you get a scan done, the normal medical field is looking for something to fix by surgery, nothing else. When an osteo or chiropractor look at it, they are looking for misalignment. I’ve got a few recommendations and I’ll have a consultation with them to see what they say and what they think they can do for me.

  • Try Chinese Herbal medicine again.

Yes I tried it before, but that was based one that was easy as opposed to a recommendation. Every time I’ve gone to one that has been recommended, it has been effective.

  • Alexander Technique.

Not a recommendation, but it’s had very good write ups and there is someone nearby who does one to one classes.

I’ve had it in my head for a while, and it feels good to get it out and written as something solid.


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