Slow and Steady

So I may be moving back home.

Posted on: July 3, 2009

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while, but haven’t because I’m not sure I can believe it.

As I’ve written before I think that the benefits agency made a mistake and are paying me for a benefits I don’t believe I’m entitled to until August. I have told them, and they have continued to say I am wrong.

I spoke to someone last week who said they have checked my file and yes I’m entitled it. I still wasn’t sure and asked them to put it in writing and they said that they will do so.

Once I have it in writing, I will send back the form they have sent me so they pay interest of my mortgage, and I have an interest only mortgage! That means I will not have to pay any of my mortgage at all.

My first thought was that I could still rent out my flat and make some money, but I don’t think I could do that as the money would be classed as income, and it would be too much to be able to claim the benefit.

If I don’t fill in the form for them to pay my mortgage and rent it out, it would actually cost me more than moving back in.

This completely changes things now.

If I’m going back home my 1st priority is to get mobile and do some improvements to my place.

I’m looking at getting an automatic car. I have finally found a car I’m interested in, and am going to try and sell my car privately first to see if I can get maximum cash for it. If not I’ll use it in a part exchange.

Another scenario has come into my head that I never thought of. The person who is looking for somewhere to rent can pay all of my mortgage and I stay where I am. That way I can get some money together to buy a car, and do the home improvements I want done.

I’ll have to ponder over that one.


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