Slow and Steady

The doctor’s appointment

Posted on: July 16, 2009

I did it, I drove to the doctors and the library too. It wasn’t easy, but it needed to be done.

My doctor said something to me today which left me bemused. I went to him to say that I need some type of sedation for the scan, and so he gave me some diazapam and told me to… Wait for it…

Experiment with it to see how much will sedate me!

Am I crazy, or is that not odd?

When I went to the library to photocopy yet another benefit form, I saw a leaflet for a few things I’m interested in.

The first is volunteering for the local hospital’s radio station. It sounds like a good way to get out of the house.

The big lunch, there is one being organised by my local council, and there will also be advice on growing your own veg and free seeds. I’m definitely going to that if I’m well enough.


Today I decided that I need some new shoes. All of my normal shoes have heels and I only bought a pair of suede flats last year as a temporary measure.

So apart from my those I only have trainers, and they do not go with anything other than jeans.

So I looked online and found some I like, I’ve reserved some in Clarks to look at, and I’ve also seen a pair of flat knee length boots I have to have!

I was looking all winter and couldn’t find any and now I’ve seen them on the Office website on sale! They’ve run out of my size and so this weekend I’ll phone round the shops to see if they have any.

Do you notice I said this weekend? I can’t phone them as my talk time has run out! I cannot believe that’s happened, it hasn’t happened in ages.

Anyway let me show you my goodies:

I’ve ordered them in the silver. I probably won’t keep them, but I’m interested to see how they look. The wedge looks small, but I won’t know until they come.

I’ve ordered these and in the white and black as well. I’m not going to keep them all, but what to see which ones look good with most of my clothes. They are pure leather upper, inner and sole. They’re reduced to £10.

How cute is this?

These are the knee highs I’m going to hunt down. I know what’s so special right? You try finding a pair of knee high boots with no heel that are not riding boots, have an ugly round toe or slouchy and make you look like you have cankles! I must have these.

I’m going to try these on in my local Clarks. I kind of like them, but don’t know it they’ll go with a skirt or dress.

I love online shopping. That would’ve taken me ages to do on the high st


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