Slow and Steady

I’m haunted

Posted on: July 17, 2009

As a child, when I was bored, restless and therefore quite fidgety, my gran would always say to me, ‘you’re haunted’.

That is perfect description of how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m ready to get my teeth into something, but outside influences mean I cannot, so I’m mentally fidgety.

I can’t make any plans about my health until my MRI results come through.

I can’t sort out my car until I do a few more test drives to see which one is right for me, and find out how much my old car is worth. I couldn’t do any test drives or go to get any quotes this week because of my flare up.

I can’t move back into my home, or get a tenant in until I get a decision from the benefits agency on whether I am eligible to get my mortgage paid.

I just want to do something!

I’m trying to use the time as productively as I can and have thought and done a few things:

I’m going to downgrade my car.

I don’t have a particularly special car, but it is a sports version even though it’s only a 1.2. For the time being, motorway driving is not on the agenda, and I need to run a car as cheaply as possible. I was looking at 1.3+ automatics, but I’ve decided that I’m going to go down to a 1.0. Cheap to fill up, cheap insurance, and cheap road tax.

I’m hoping that I’ll have the car for a couple of years max, and when I’m back on my feet I’ll look into getting something lovely.

I’m trying to cut down on the initial layout costs of the car so I can cover my mortgage for a couple of months if I’m not eligible for help.

I also don’t want  to cut into the money I’ve got saved to try different alternative therapies if the scan shows there is no significant damage.

I have a Virgin Credit Card which I took out for the 0% balance transfer. That term has now ended, but they have now sent me a deal saying that if I spend on it by August. I’ll have 0% on the purchases until December.

My plan is to get my car on the credit card and pay the minimum amount so if worst case scenario comes, I’ll have that money in my account for emergencies. If not (I hope), I can then pay the balance off in November.

I’ve also finally got to talk to my benefits adviser.

We’ve been missing each other on the phone for weeks now. I’ve arranged an appointment with her so she can explain this ESA benefit in full detail.

I am waiting for the  council to get back to me. Now my flat is empty I’m supposed to pay council tax for it, but there are exemptions and I think that I’m eligible.

I’ve looked into PAYG phones

This month I’ve had to call a lot of 0870/0845 numbers, and I couldn’t find a local version on

My bill is horrendous. I have a phone that I’m going to get unlocked and it looks like I’ll be going with Asda as their call charges appear to be all 8p a minute. I’ve emailed them to double check that local numbers are part of the deal and am awaiting a response.


I have been thinking a lot about this, and am thinking either the radio station, or the CAB. The CAB one is looking good because it’s excellent to have on your CV and also I could learn a lot. It is also something I’m interested in.

Wealth Creation

One of the reasons I began this blog was to chart my journey into becoming financially fit, and it has fallen by the wayside because of my health. I sat down for the first time in a long time today, and read a chapter of a book I started many months ago, it got me thinking about my financial goals. I felt good as it felt productive. My pain is in my body, not my brain! Yes sometimes it feels like my brain is frazzled, but I can still think and plan. I’m going to commit to reading the books I have on becoming financially fit (I have 3 on constant renewal from the library) for half an hour a day.

Gosh writing all of that has made me realise I’ve done loads (well loads for me, I’m sure you are looking at this and laughing).


2 Responses to "I’m haunted"

hello you. just a quick comment re council tax rebate on an empty house. I believe you are exempt from paying it if the flat is unfurnished. Don’t quote me on that, but I’m sure that’s what it is.

Catch up with you soon.Take care. L x

PS what date is your new mri

You are right, but my place is partly furnished, and the cost of moving those things out to put into storage (no one has any spare space), ,means I might as well pay the council tax.

It’s on Tuesday.

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