Slow and Steady

Money doesn’t buy you happiness eh? Rubbish!

Posted on: July 20, 2009

Today I called the private MRI centre to double check the time of my scan. The receptionist was polite and gave me clear instructions. I asked if there was paperwork to fill out because I’ll be coming in sedated, and you know what she done? She patched me the to the actual radiologist who is going to be performing the scan!

I couldn’t believe it,  she asked a few questions and then told me to get there an hour early so I can fill out the documentation and then take the pills 40 minutes before. She said if I took them too quickly they may wear off while I’m in there. She also said she’ll make sure that there are pillows for me to put under my knees so I’ll be as comfortable as possible.

It got me thinking about what difference would it have made if I have private health cover. The scan would have been done long ago, and I may even have been back at work, or having whatever procedure I may need to have.

Yes money can’t buy you health, but it can make you as comfy as you can be with the condition you have, and get you seen and diagnosed a lot quicker.

Oh and my shoes came today. They are beautiful, the leather is soft and they look a lot more expensive that they were. I’m sooo happy with them, and I guess what? I bought it.


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