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Shouldn’t I be drugged and dazed?

Posted on: July 21, 2009

I know it’s the morning of my scan and I’m on here blogging. I’m making use of the great delayed publishing tool. I’m writing this exactly after the money can’t buy you happiness post, but have scheduled the publishing for today.

I test drove a Toyota Yaris yesterday and I loved it. The proper auto is better than that clutchless nonsense I tied a few weeks back. Definitely a  contender.

I came home and started looking for the cheapest one in my area , and decided that was the one I was going to get… Then I looked at the spec closely and found out the stereo was cassette… CASSETTE? Who put a cassette in a 2004 model car? My car is 2001 and has a cd, so I’m going to have to start searching again.

Oh sleeping pills are kicking in. Night


2 Responses to "Shouldn’t I be drugged and dazed?"

Hiya..quick message. I did ask when ur mri was changed to..and see it’s today. I hope it went well and u were comfy enough..and hope u get ur results soon.

Also..when I had my hire car, after recent car, I had 58 plate Yaris to drive. I quite liked it…especially the funky blue neon display. It had cd player. Good luck with your car hunting.

Sad re your neighbour being upset. Hope breaking the mirror hasn’t brought her bad luck!


I replied to your message hun, have a look!

It is nice isn’t it. I’ve found if I want a Yaris, I’ll have to get one the same year as my car or maybe just 1 year younger and it’ll have to be the top spec one. They hold their value well, and apparently since they’ve stopped making them in Japan, they aren’t as good any more.

Take care love x x x

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