Slow and Steady

Things to do!

Posted on: July 22, 2009

I’ve got the ball rolling in regards to my car.

I left a message on my local dealer’s website and asked if they’d buy my car. I got a call back, he said while it was too old for them, he’d pass my details to the people he part exchanges with. I got a call from said man yesterday, but I was too dazed to speak to him. I probably would’ve given him the car for next to nothing!

I will speak to him today.

I’ve also run a search on autorader to see who sells cars like mine in my area will phone them for a quote too.

I’ve made up a proper list of the 4 cars I want (the 5th has been knocked off) and searched for the insurance by actual trim  I want (ends up being the top range one for the year, typical!), and the mileage of the cheapest car on autotrader, so it’s the exact insurance price.

Today I’m going to ring up the official dealerships of each to see how much a service would be and how often they should be done. I’ve already phoned one who told me the next service due for one is going to be a major one.

This is a much better way to do it. It’s dispassionate, and help you focus on a better buy as opposed to what has pretty features.

I’ve been reading loads of car reviews too and the order of preference for the ‘experts’ is the Yaris, Getz, Fusion and C3. I’m taking the driving reviews with a pinch of salt, as the Honda Jazz was supposed to be brilliant, but I found it too hard, and going over speed bumps bumps were ridiculously painful.

I’m more interested in reliability and the C3 looks like it has many problems. There have been various recalls and to be honest, the £180 road tax has it on dodgy ground, I think it may be off soon.

I’ve also been on Ricability and seen that the seating position of the Getz is not as high as they have you believe. I still would like to test drive it though. It’s got good reviews about reliability and the cars come with a 5 year warranty so if I can get a 2004 model I may get the tail end of it.

On the way home from the Law Centre, I’m going to stop at my local garage and ask him how much he thinks my car is worth, and how much would he service the cars I’m thinking of buying for.

I’m off to the Law Centre to get more information about this benefit thing, hopefully she can give me answers, and help me decide whether or not to wait for a decision, or get ahead with advertising my place to rent.

Before I go there though, I have to go to New Look to return the dress I bought. They end an inch or so over the knee. I don’t think anything higher knee length suits me. Maybe when I’m wearing heels, but definitely not now. I had to weigh myself for my MRI and my weight hasn’t changed. I’ve decided to go by clothes though, I’ve never liked weighing myself.

These shoes came and the leather is absolutely amazing! I just keep touching them.I’m keeping the white and red and sending back the black. It’s so rare in this country to find shoes that are all leather without costing an arm and a leg

I’m sending back the wedges because they are too high. (Right click and click view image to see the whole picture)

I tried these on on Monday and realised that flat strap over shoes don’t suit me. I saw a lovely pair of shoes though with a similar heel (It’s a slight wedge, but has an appearance of a heel which I love!), but of course it was only in blue.

I went back on the site to see if I could find them, but they weren’t there, and I didn’t take the name. Near New Look is aa Clarks and so I’ll look in to see if they have them.

Busy day! It’s funny how many things you can do at home. It’s looks like loads (well for me) but in terms of me actually doing something physically:

I’m driving to the shopping area 5  minutes from the Law Centre and going into 3 shops.

Going to the Law Centre.

Driving home via the garage which I have to pass anyway.

Right off I go to get my day started! x


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