Slow and Steady

A productive week

Posted on: July 25, 2009

I had a very interesting meeting with the Law Centre. She said I am entitled to contributory side of ESA, but if they start looking at the money I have coming in from work, I will not get the income side of it. You need to be getting the income side to qualify for mortgage costs.

There is a cap on what they will help with too.  You will only get help if your original mortgage is under £200K (used to be £100K), and they pay a maximum of 6.02% interest rate. If your mortgage has a higher interest rate than that you have to pay the difference.

I didn’t get specific advice because she needed more details. I have to send in my current mortgage statement, a current bank  statement and the entitlement letter I got sent. I thought I left it at home, but when I got back from the law centre and was looking for it, I remembered I stupidly threw away the entitlement letter in a fit of rage (lesson learnt: Never ever throw out anything from the DWP).

I phoned up to ask for a duplicate and they sent me a 3 line letter saying I’m entitled to income based ESA. Completely different to what the adviser said. I’m going to send it to her on Monday and hopefully she’ll be able to figure it out.


I have sold my car!

I’m actually surprised I got as much as I did. I am ashamed to say I didn’t really take care of my poor baby. The carpet on the drivers floor was ripped out because of my heels. The drivers seat adjuster falls off every so often, and the alloys are wrecked.

It’s weird because the guy didn’t check the car at all, he didn’t check the electronics, didn’t pop the bonnet, and didn’t even look at the interior, it was only when ‘the boss’ turned up the next day the ripped carpet was discovered and he wanted 50 quid off which was fine by me. I wonder when they’ll discover the drivers door mirror doesn’t work electronically any more?

It was sad letting her go though, I’ve had her for 8 years and we’ve been through ups and downs, it was fun while it lasted!

I’m testing driving cars today and tomorrow. I’ve got a print out of similar cars for less around the country. I know what the recent service should have had done, and how much they cost from the originating dealerships.

I have used a great site called used car experts, and they show what to look out for in each type of car (except the Fusion annoyingly), and used a mixture of sites to create a routine for doing the test drive (eg, testing the all the electrics before pulling off to focus on the test drive when driving)

In short I know my shit, so I’m not taking nonsense from any dealers!

I enjoyed the process of research the cars. The Toyota garage was the most helpful, and Citroen was a nightmare. Funnily enough the Citroen has the cheapest service, getting what you pay for definitely springs to mind!

I’ve worked out to insure, service and tax the cars (even though I don’t need to pay tax until 2011, I think it’s a good idea to save the money anyway), I’ll need to save between £71-£80 a month, not including petrol or MOT.

For the next 2 years, the Yaris will be the cheapest in terms of cost, and the Getz will be more. I’m going to try and push for a service and MOT included in the price, some mats, and a  full tank of petrol.

I also returned my shoes and dress back to the shops. That is a blog in itself, I’m still not over the experience…


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