Slow and Steady

The shopping trip

Posted on: July 25, 2009

As I said in this post, I needed to bring back a pair a dress back to New Look and wanted to see if I could find the shoes I liked in Clarks.

I parked relatively easily and took the lift into the shopping centre. It was madness. There were kids everywhere, running, shouting and their parents were not remotely interested. There were gangs of teenagers, standing round trying to act nonchalant.

The shops were full of people grabbing things like the world was ending. It was  just all a big mess. It was really busy and took me ages to negotiate my way round to New Look. I got stopped by about 3 different charity reps and catalogue reps on the way. Being able to pretend to only speak Spanish is great! LOL

When I got there, the queue was practically out the door so I turned back and went into Clarks. Two steps in I had been shoved twice! I located the shoes easily, and luckily the queue wasn’t long. While in the queue, I got hit in the back of my legs, when I looked, it was a buggy being pushed by a toddler, the baby in it wasn’t strapped in and looked like it was going to drop out.

I said to the toddler ‘be careful with the baby love’, and then got the dirtiest look from the mother that said mind your own business. When the buggy is being pushed into to me it is my business!

As I paid I told the assistant I didn’t want the box, just the shoes, and she told me I had to have it! I told her I could manage it, and she gave me pure attitude. So I let her put it in the bag, and then I took it out, pulled out the shoes and put them in the bag with the dress.

Even though it was only a dress and a pair of shoes, the bag felt soo heavy. I was almost crying by the time I got to the car.

The next day I remembered there was a tiny New Look on  a little high St, near the house so popped in there early and got a refund.

I will not be going to any type of shopping centre until September. I’m not well enough to defend myself if I had to, or run away!

I think the postage and possible return costs of online shopping easily outweigh the busyness, rudeness, parking and petrol costs of going out.

Oh and the shoes I got from Clarks? Even though it’s a tiny wedge (less than an inch), wearing them yesterday was really painful. I’ve worn them now so I can’t take them back, but I’m going to keep them and see if I have any health improvement if I’ll be able to wear them. If not, then ebay it is.



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