Slow and Steady

Bloody Benefits part 3/ Tales from my flat

Posted on: August 4, 2009

I got a phone call from the Law centre today to say that after reviewing my paperwork I shouldn’t be getting ESA at all.

She said that as long as it is their mistake, they cannot make me pay back the money, and asked again if I told them I didn’t think I was entitled. I’m so glad I taped that phone call now.

I have an interview at the job centre this week, and no doubt they’ll tell me I’m not entitled. It’s so annoying though because I’m going to stop getting paid soon, and I’m going to have to go through all this nonsense again.

I’ve not heard from them at all in regards to getting my mortgage paid, and if I don’t hear anything in the next fortnight, I’m going to have to put my flat up for rent.

Talking of my flat, I stayed there for a couple of nights last week while trying to get my head around the MRI results.

The person renting it told me that she was OCD and would keep the place tidy because she can’t be around mess. On careful inspection, that flat was left messier than when I gave it to her!

The tiles in the bathroom were grimy, there was a lighter underneath the bookcase, and one of the walls in the bedroom look like it’s been painted, although I can’t be positive.

I’m going to have to get the girls round to help me do a good clean before I can get the estate agents in.

Then there is the issue of the broken mirror on the wardrobe. If I was moving back in I would have left it because I’m thinking about changing them to sliding doors, and changing the interiors.

I got a lot of ideas about decorating while staying in the flat empty. More than I got in the entire year of living there!

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