Slow and Steady

Dating and chronic pain

Posted on: August 4, 2009

I’m single and before the accident, I wasn’t really meeting men as my job involved a lot of travel and I was hardly at home. Last year while I was in my own home I met loads of men, all along my road in fact! Most of them were all very nice, but I cut them all off eventually. Why? I didn’t feel they were meeting the real me.

They were meeting this person who was always home, didn’t go out dancing, didn’t go out to eat, didn’t randomly decide to go abroad for a little break.

As far as I was concerned, they weren’t meeting the real me so there was no point in continuing.

I’m lonely.

I want to be cuddled, and have someone stroke my hair, and fancy me.

So I decided to join an online dating site. I’ve been talking to a couple of guys from there and know in my heart I’m not going to meet them. I don’t feel I have anything to give right now, and I don’t feel with all the other stuff that I have the energy for a relationship anyway.

But I’m lonely.

*deep sigh*


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