Slow and Steady

I guess green just isn’t my colour

Posted on: August 6, 2009

My laptop came today. It came in a Dell box, packaged lovely and I was so excited. I don’t think I’ve opened a box that quickly since I was a child.

My sister helped me because the box was heavy. The laptop is very heavy. I was expecting it to be weighty, but not that much. It’s heavier than my previous one, and when I’m in a flare, I could just about manage my old one.

I opened the cover and was faced with a mirror. I switched it on, and felt the disappointment rising as it was booting up. I couldn’t see the screen!

My room is a suntrap, I get the sun all day. The screen is so glossy, that it just reflects the light, making it almost impossible to see the screen. I tried to play with the brightness, move the cover at various angles, and it didn’t really make that much of a difference.

I really thought I ordered a matte screen. On my old laptop, there were days I’d have to fiddle about with it to get the picture right, so I knew that a glossy screen would not work for me.

I emailed the company and asked if I could exchange. I looked through the catalogue and saw the one I was meant to order. I started reading the returns policy, and saw that you can only exchange if it’s faulty. I was really sad, and sent another email to the company begging for an exchange, and even sent a link to this blog. It’s not something I would usually do, but that piece of equipment is so important to me.

I got a email back saying the person who needs to authorise it is not in until Tuesday, but that he doesn’t think there will be a problem.

I’m going to go for the lighter one this time. The green one is just too heavy for me. I just pray that the one I want doesn’t get sold before Tuesday.

If I can change it, I should receive the other one late next week.

The laptop I’ll be exchanging it for is black, one of my favourite colours. Instead of being all technical about it, I should have just picked a colour I liked!  lol

I’ve wrapped up the laptop back up and boxed it  neatly, and have started thinking about how I’m going to get this huge box to the post office.

I looked on MSE and found a link to some cheap parcel delivery websites. I’ve seen some good deals. I hope I get the email before midday then I can use a guaranteed next day delivery service.

Keep all fingers and toes crossed for me please!


2 Responses to "I guess green just isn’t my colour"

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