Slow and Steady

Attempt 2 to buy a car. The ungrateful post

Posted on: August 7, 2009

Before I write I’ll tell you from now that I know I’m going to sound like the most ungrateful person on the planet, but right now I don’t give a damn.

As I said in this post, my friend is really good with cars, and told me we should go to an auction. I wouldn’t go unless I went with him as he knows what he is doing.

I bought a 2 week subscription to see if the type of  car I want will be at auction any time soon. I found out that there would be one today (Friday). I told my friend and he said that he will take me there, and told me that  I need to be ready to go early as the auction starts at 1030 and we need to be there before so we can get the catalogue, and find out which hall the auction is in.

So I’m up and ready for 9am. I get a call at half nine to say he’s at city airport and is coming down. I quickly calculate he’ll get here for 10.15, and figure out we’ll get there for 11am. The company selling the Yaris was 3rd in the order of the auction so I thought we’d get there in time.

When he arrived there was someone in the car, someone he needed to drop off at work which was apparently on the way. We got stuck in roadworks while dropping this friend off.

To cut a long story short we didn’t get there until about half 12. The car had gone and I was pissed.

He knew I wasn’t happy, and tried to get me looking at other cars, but I know what I want, and I ‘m not budging from it. There are now no other fully automatic Yaris for auction for the next 2 weeks.

The auction itself was very interesting. The cars are sold very quickly and you get little time to look at it. There were cars that went for cheaper, and cars that went for more than I thought they would. The cars are all subject to a buyers fee, and so I’d have to get the car for about £300 less of my budget to accommodate that.

I suppose I’m glad to have gone to see how auctions work, but I could have done that AND seen how much a car I want goes for, and may even had it for myself.

I just don’t understand why if you say you’re going to do something, you don’t do it properly?

I hate the fact that he is the only person I can go car hunting with because he is soooooo unreliable. He’s always been unreliable and I feel angry that I need him so much.

Part of me feels like paying for a used car from the official dealer and just whacking it on my credit card.


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