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Access to Work application

Posted on: August 11, 2009

As I said yesterday, I’m going to do light duties to see how much I can manage. I live quite a way from my job, and public transport is unsuitable for me, and the drive is too much to handle at the moment. While surfing randomly, doing some research, I found out about Access to Work

About Access to Work

Access to Work might pay towards the equipment you need at work, adapting premises to meet your needs, or a support worker. It can also pay towards the cost of getting to work if you cannot use public transport.

If you need a communicator at job interviews, Access to Work may be available, too.

I phoned them today, and I couldn’t believe it. A government department that doesn’t have an automated system! It was just engaged. I started ringing them at 9am, and eventually got through at 9.50. They called me straight back and we went through a telephone application, and they will then send it to me to sign and send back. It was the usual questions ‘what do you do, what is your disability’ etc.

She explained they will then contact my employer and decide how much of the cost will be split. I laughed inwardly to myself because I really don’t see my employer paying anything.

When she asked my return to work date, I said ‘Well if you can help me…’ and she interrupted me and said ‘We’ll definitely be helping you’.

That has to be the most direct answer I’ve since dealing with the Benefits agencies. I guess they really do want to get you off your bum.


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