Slow and Steady

The unexpected interview

Posted on: August 12, 2009

I was up early this morning because the DHL gave me a 9-5 timeframe to pick up the laptop. They came just after 9 and then about 9.30 the door knocked and it someone from the jobcentre!

Apparently she sent a letter, but it didn’t turn up. It soon became clear that the interview was nothing about checking my benefits, but some work I did for Adecco temping agency before my accident. They seem think I was working there January of this year. As soon as that was clarified she left!

I told her about my ESA worries and she told me to write a letter, she really wasn’t interested in it, it was quite funny.

Looking at my diary, I’ve just realised that I have a medical for ESA tomorrow. I completely forgot about it. Last time I didn’t listen to a knowledgeable friend and went alone to a benefits related medical, it was a complete disaster!

I’ve managed to find someone to take me, but to be honest, I wanted to cancel because I don’t want to miss my laptop arriving… Got my priorities in order I have!! LOL


2 Responses to "The unexpected interview"

That benefit lady should have been told to do her proper research. KMT. She was not interested because she now has to work harder to get a bonus

LOL. Is it? I don’t know how the benefit system works. It really was a waste of time.

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