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Medical for Employment and Support Allowance and Course Registration

Posted on: August 14, 2009

As well as my laptop coming yesterday, I also had to attend a medical for ESA benefit. I went with a friend, and we were seen half an hour later than  my appointment. The letter said to allow 2 hours.

The doctor was one of those fake nice ones. He was completely over the top, and then he would suddenly switch to be quite cold and unbelieving. For example he asked me if I could drive, I said yes. He asked if my car was automatic or manual, and when I said I don’t have a car he barked ‘well then you’re not driving’. He was constantly trying to catch me out, and would ask about things I had already said like ‘oh so where in your right shoulder is hurting?’ and I would have to correct him and say my left.

At 1 point I told him I was thoroughly fed up with these types of interviews, and that I would much prefer to be in Cape Town sampling my favourite red wine to which he chuckled. He was South African.

It was good to have someone with me. There were times I couldn’t remember some things like all the therapy I tried, and my friend reminded me. She could also back me up when I said I don’t go raving and that my friends drive me around.

Apparently now he send off the report, and then the decision maker takes his report, plus my doctors report into consideration. I don’t understand, because they are paying me now. I swear this system makes absolutely no sense to me.

I didn’t mention that I was going to try and go back to work, as there are too many variables and it may not happen.


I have been offered a  place on the CELTA course, I had an interview for. I am so pleased about that. It starts in February, and I have a very thick booklet of pre courses to complete and list of recommended reading.

As the medical centre wasn’t too far from one of the sites that form part of the college, I went and enrolled yesterday. As  the course isn’t until February, I don’t need to get my ID until about January.


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