Slow and Steady

Review of the sites I download a month ago.

Posted on: September 14, 2009

As I said the day I got my laptop, I downloaded a few sites from recommendations. I thought I’d do a little update in how I’m finding them a month later.

First of all, I had to slap myself for forgetting an important programme… Skype! I can think of a few people I couldn’t speak to without it.

Abiword – I changed to openoffice because Abiword didn’t have a thesaurus. I’m happy with it, and looks so much like Word I forget I’m not using it. I can save documents in Word format, so it’s really handy.

Thunderbird – It took me a few goes, but I got it up and running, and I love it!

Workrave – I have to say, I haven’t played around with the settings, so I haven’t really used it as it was annoying me.

Picard – Took it off, it didn’t work for me at all.

Media Monkey – It is a good music player. I still haven’t learnt all the features yet though. I’ve just made a few playlists.


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