Slow and Steady

My new way to shop lol

Posted on: September 30, 2009

I decided that I want to buy the Paul McKenna I can make you thin journal. Now before I had to start watching the pennies, I would have gone straight to Amazon. Now what I done was went to Amazon and as of today (29 September) it’s £8.49 however there is a used one in the market place for £4 including postage.

I then went to Play to see how the price compares to Amazon, and it’s also £8.49, but has one in its marketplace at £3.42.

If it was still around the £4 bracket, I would go to to see if there is one there, as all the books are £3.75, but as I have one that is cheaper than that there’s no point.

Next stop is ebay, and I change the search so that the price and postage costs are at the lowest first. I was watching one that started at 99p, and then it went over the price of the one on

I’ve now bought that one, saving myself £5.07.

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