Slow and Steady

Back to basics

Posted on: October 1, 2009

Well the time has come, I’m officially completely on benefits.

Luckily I’ve been preparing for it and have a couple of mortgage payments saved, however it means I’m going to have to be really really strict with myself. I’ve got £25 a week for food, petrol etc. I was putting everything on my credit card to accrue cashback, but have been noticing that the bill is slowly creeping up with things I may not have bought if I had cash, so I’m going to go back to drawing out money every week instead.

I’m praying that my flat gets rented out soon though, however looking at the worse case scenario, I can give my flat to the council for a couple of years, or I can take a mortgage holiday. I’m giving it until near the end of October before I take up one of these options.

What I’ve started doing now is stocking up on the grocery basics I see on special offer so I know that even if I’m short one week, I can still eat fairly well.

I’ve got money set aside for my birthday weekend, now I know it seems odd to have money set aside for something when you’re struggling to pay bills, but I’m not going to be 30 again, and I do feel I need some enjoyment dammit.

That is going to be the one thing I do for myself this month, and I’m looking forward to spending it with friends and family.


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