Slow and Steady

Loving Paul McKenna

Posted on: October 1, 2009

Now I had a pair of trousers called period trousers. I’d only wear them leading up and on my period because it was the only time they would fit. Nowadays these trousers are the only things that seem to fit me. I wore them yesterday and realised that I needed to pull the belt a bit tighter! A minor setback though, I’ve lost my headphones (again) and can’t use the hypnosis bit, but the rules are so easy.

I have had those days where I have overate, but I recognised that I was emotional, and just moved on.

I bought the journal and hope it comes soon. There is a trial 14 days at the back of the book and it was nice. Could I have used a normal journal and wrote my own motivating stuff? Yes, Would I have used it? No.


2 Responses to "Loving Paul McKenna"

I think I will need to get a copy of the book and cd and listen to it in my car, My efforts make sense but so far are not baring fruit. I am currently reading the Curves diet book. I got it really cheap off amazon. Paul Mckenna sounds like he may just work for me

Yes, you’ll love it. You can’t listen to it in the car though, because it can make you drowsy. I usually listen to mine as I’m falling asleep.

I got mine from Asda it was on special offer, but Amazon have one in their marketplace for £2.76

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