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My measurements

Posted on: January 7, 2010

Well I finally found my tape measure today, and I almost wish that I didn’t!

My measurements are 30-33 1/4- 47 1/2

I’ve never been that big. Ever

I’m very confident that I’m going to be losing weight, but I can’t help but be annoyed, especially my waist! I know I’ve got PMT bloat, but 33 inches? That may not be big to some, but my waist is usually about mid 20s.

I have started listening to Paul McKenna in the daytime rather at night, and have found that I seem to taking it in more. I guess it’s probably because I’m not falling asleep halfway through it!

This is the 3rd day in a row I’ve done my walk away the pounds video, and my body seems to be liking the movement. Once the snow has disappeared I’ll be starting my private swimming lessons too.

I’m going to measure myself every 2 weeks and try on the *skinny me * jeans. My goal is to have those jeans fit again.


3 Responses to "My measurements"

One thing I have found is that debt worries and money issues make you put on bare weight.

My waist went from 27″ to 33″ in about 9months. I have cut it down to about 29″ now but it is stille a struggle!

How did you do it? Diet, exercise or a mixture of both?

I did it by monitoring food intake with rigour. This is the only way the way I see it.

For example, 2 times a week, I would drink soup. So say I would have a large bowl of hot Heinz tomato soup. I would not have it alone, I would have it with a small bown of leafy salad AND broccoli with a sauce to dip the brocolli in.

But I would tell write detailed food plans and make sure I avoided bread for as much as possible.

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