Slow and Steady

Update on Paul McKenna day 17/90

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Well I think I’ve been doing quite well but I noticed that my jeans have actually got tighter. It’s very odd because I would say that I’ve been following it better than I did last year.

I even went to Ikea yesterday  and had meatballs which I didn’t finish! I was so proud as that would not have happened before. I think that… TMI coming, only highlight if you want to read  I think it has something to do with this constipated feeling I’ve been having. I never feel completely empty, that’s wrong isn’t it?

Anyway I’m going to keep pressing on and will hopefully see some weight loss soon.


2 Responses to "Update on Paul McKenna day 17/90"

I would recommend using a colon cleanser for the first few weeks to get your digestion working well again. I used Oxytarm (in Norway) but I am sure you could find some similar tablets where you live.

Thank you, I’ll look into it. 🙂

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