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Bank fraud. I fell for it.

Posted on: January 25, 2010

Me. Miss Internet savvy extraordinaire!

I was making a few bill payments and signed out. About 20 minutes later, I got an email from what appeared to be my bank, and without really thinking about it, I open the link and put in my details. As soon as it didn’t take, I stopped because I knew it was right. I rang them up and they immediately blocked my account, and told me to download some software called rapport. I also had to forward the email to them. I can’t believe I did it, what a twat!

Oh well, all sorted now so I’m gettng ready for my first swimming lessons.


2 Responses to "Bank fraud. I fell for it."

Oh my heavens!!! Thankfully you managed to get ‘things’ stopped in time! As, I’m sure you already know – no bank will ever ask for all your details..especially via an email or by calling you. It’s only the standard security questions when you call them. It could happen to anyone..and you have lots on your mind, at the moment and the meds don’t help..and having just done your banking, then receiving that email.. it was ‘such good timing’ on the fraudsters part! I worry if that was their luck .. or did they know you had just been net banking?? Please let me know, if there is anything you have since found out re this. Also, this programme, you mention RAPPORT-should we all download it..or is it something only your bank uses?? Hope you are keeping better and have started the swimming classes. Not long till your next ‘mission’:-) Hope to catch up with u soon..meanwhile..I have been reading your blog daily,and enjoying catching up with things on here…but there is nothing better, than the real thang – ie YOU lol. Hugs n Kisses xxxx Take care xxxx

Hiya Love

Rapport is apparently used by many banks. Your bank should have it on the home page if they use it. They haven’t given me any more info. I thought the same thing, whether they knew or whether it was just a fluke. Who knows?

Hope you’re well as can be, and a catch up is definitely due. x x x

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