Slow and Steady

The swimming lesson

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Since the disaster of a swimming lesson last year, I’ve been on the hunt ever since. All the local pools operate this weird policy for one to one swimming lessons. They take your details and put it in a box, and then the swimming instructors look in the box if they want to do private lessons. So you are left waiting, no specific answer, no follow up calls, nothing. Absolutely ridiculous.

I started looking to see if I could do classes in a private gym pool, but you had to be a member. Then I found a private one to one teacher, and she was only 30p more than the ones in the local pool. I emailed her and started a back and forth conversation for about a month. Then we played phone tag missing each others calls.

Finally we booked Monday as our day. I was so excited. I got there and she sat down with me and took a full health history. She also asked me about my level of swimming and what it was I wanted to achieve. Then we got into the water and started the lesson. She made me stretch first, and made me promise the moment I felt even a twinge I let her know. She was funny, and really strict. She told me a bit about herself and she is trained to teach disabled children, and her daytime profession was a psychologist! She was very encouraging and so positive.

The first lesson was about breathing right, and she said that it’s the most important thing to learn in swimming. It was amazing! I did find it a little difficult, but it started to become easier and easier every time I did it.

At the end of the lesson she told me what goals she was going to set for me. She’s going to help me devise a stroke that won’t make my back and neck hurt. She also said she thinks for me to get the best out of the lessons, I should go to the pool alone 1 day as well as having her class. She gave me some stretches to do immediately after the lesson so I’d hurt less the next day.

She was just so nice, and I felt really comfortable with her.

I was in agony yesterday, and still sore today, but I’m still really happy with my lesson. It felt amazing being in the water again. I felt like superwoman! lol

There was only one negative thing. The car park is not close to the building and I had to walk on a slight hill. After the lesson, trying to walk with my wet towel was awful, I was nearly in tears. When I got in my  car though, I drove around the building and found a little alley which is closer to the entrance that has double yellow lines. Thank God for my blue badge.


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