Slow and Steady

I have a long long way to go.

Posted on: April 27, 2010

I’m sitting in college in floods of tears and still shaking. Everyone has gone to lunch, and I’m seriously thinking of going home.

There was a fire alarm this morning and I completely freaked out. I couldn’t manage the stairs and couldn’t use the stairs and felt completely helpless. I had to wait until the security guard came and take me down in this seated stretcher type thing that was very bumpy and left me really sore.

It just showed me how vulnerable I am. I’m seriously now thinking of quitting college. What if it was something really serious? I can’t get out. 

It’s also the first time I’ve heard an alarm since my accident. I just wish I could just fall asleep and wake up and find that the past 2 years has just been a horrible nightmare. To be


1 Response to "I have a long long way to go."

Hi D!
I know its hard. My mother broke her spine years ago and is still suffering ….
I am just amazed at how far you’ve come from two years ago when you weren’t even really leaving the house. Now college!?!? Whoa!
So proud of you.
Keep on fighting!
Thinking of you….
Email me your number so we can chat. I am also on skype as gabriellelajolie

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