Slow and Steady

Dear Ex…

Posted on: May 6, 2010

I still think about you, more than I ever let on to anyone else.

I imagine the things you’d say to me about my situation. Remembering how you would just cuddle me and listen to music in silence. It’s funny how you can still hurt me when I haven’t seen you for years. How you ask? It’s because you’ve shown me that the person I thought you were doesn’t exist at all.

Even with the cheating and lying, I thought that you were just a confused soul, but deep inside had a good core. The fact you haven’t tried to get in touch at all since my accident proves that. Everyone, I mean everyone who has heard about my accident and realised the severity of it has sent their well wishes. People I only see once in a blue moon, and even people who I’m not talking to any more. Just a simple get well soon.

When I found out your parent had passed, I sent you an email straight away. In my mind, that was the right thing to do. The person I thought you were would have been in touch by now. You haven’t.

So it’s now clear that you really weren’t real. I fell in love with an illusion.

That hurts a lot more than I expected.


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