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Nokia complaint pt2

Posted on: May 8, 2010

I got a reply from my letter.

They are coming to collect the phone on Monday, and will try to fix it or will send me a new one. I’m thinking of doing one of three things if I get a new phone.

1) Keep it and use it.

Honestly I think the phone is fantastic, it really does have everything I want. Thing is, when I thought it was dead, I started looking at new phones and have fallen in love with another one…

2) Sell it on ebay and put it towards buying a new phone.

I really really want the HTC Desire. It’s a beautiful phone and has great reviews, from experts and everyday users. I persuaded a friend to get one, and he loves it. He isn’t a phone freak, but just wanted something new, and so I told him that it ‘the phone’.

Now when I say he isn’t a phone freak, I actually mean he’s phone phobic. He has never sent a text, and didn’t even know how to put the keypad lock on his phone. Now he’s texting and all sorts. I’d have to put the rest on my credit card, and since I’m in debt already….

3) Sell it on ebay and put the money towards paying off my credit card.

As I do have debt now, I guess I should make every effort to pay it off. I’ve got myself a very basic handset for my Tesco sim that I use for dialling 0870 numbers. It’s got a speaker and a calender. To be honest that is all I need from a phone. The other bits are just nice. I’m going to use it as my main phone when I send the Nokia away and see if I can really live without a camera and all the other stuff, and maybe even a bit longer.

On one hand I feel like I deserve a treat, on the other hand, I don’t want to get into debt for silly shit. There are blood tests and things I want to have done, and if I’m not going to put those on my card because I’m worried about paying for them, why am I going to do that for a phone?  I just typed myself out of number 2! So it’s selling it to pay off some of my credit card or keeping the phone.

I’m got something very important in the works, and if it goes my way, I’ll have a really happy announcement to make. Pray for me! x x x


3 Responses to "Nokia complaint pt2"

whatever your announcement is – I pray it will happen.

Thank you love, appreciated x

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