Slow and Steady


Posted on: May 17, 2010

This is so me right now.

Focus? Where are you? I miss you,  come back.


1 Response to "Procrastination"

Hello pet:-) First time on the pc for ages!!! 2 months today since my Mum passed away:-( Also, on Sunday it ‘would have been’ her birthday .. this Sunday coming and it is also Father’s Day. Thankfully I still have my Daddy! I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch properly over this past while.. and you know you’ve been in my thoughts, along with everything that you have been going through. I really do hope we can catch up sometime in the very near future. Meanwhile == has been good to catch up on your blog and even although I know lots have happened, since your last entry, there were still bits to read that I didn’t fully know!
Just please, always remember, that you are fully in my thoughts … and life has it’s crap to be dealt with … but at least we are both still ‘here’ and both still have each other.
I love you lots and hope to catch up with you soon. LOL… even although I get your emails via my phone .. there was still an email on my pc from 6th April, when I was supposed to go to IHP meeting .. but that’s the night we got a phone call about my Mum (if you remember).. so the meeting didn’t happen. It has now, as you know .. as have other things .. so shall we schedule a 9 hour chat as per lol!!!
Thinking of you and hope your visit, to see J, went well tonight. Lots of love, my friend .. and thank you for you post on 22nd April..which I ‘presume’ is/was about me. So sad we have this distance between us = but ‘hey’ = at least there are no oceans seperating us lol! IT could be worse! Not even a time difference! Just the crap of life, that we face and how we feel due to our personal health and things that affect our lives, from the outside, so to speak. Keep blogging Missis..and you take good care. xx WE will defo defo defo speak sometime soon xx Love you lots xxxxx

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