Slow and Steady

Slacking already…

Posted on: September 20, 2010

I didn’t post last night, I was sooo tired. Everywhere was aching, and the thought of work was just dreadful.

I managed to get a little snooze in the cab though. Today they were all extra nice, and a few people were like ‘oh you’re back in’. I couldn’t recognise them though because when I had my flare up, my head was down because my neck was hurting. I’ve been moved because the person who was on leave is back, so I’m in a little corner all on my own. I actually like it there. She’s off again next week though.

Did a good deed today, someone was moaning on my work forum about not having a placement, so I’ve told them of one where I’m working. When I got in I got a letter from my manager to arrange our formal meeting when I may get a termination date. It’s the 21st October, so I’ll have been working for about 6 weeks. I think that will be good enough to satisfy DDA. I can’t lie it’s an awful feeling.


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