Slow and Steady

Just another weekend…

Posted on: October 19, 2010

I had lovely but really busy weekend that ended with bloody drama. My friend who didn’t make it to the restaurant on my birthday took me out for dinner. Her son is my ‘play’ God son. It was so nice to see him, but it did leave me pondering a bit. He had his Nintendo, his mum had her blackberry so there was very little conversation!

I’m thinking maybe that’s why he likes to spend time with me? The times we’ve been together we went to the local aquarium, out for lunch, cinema then talked about the film. We talk. Hmm…

It was my God daughters birthday and she had a bouncy castle. It was fancy dress and all the girls were dressed like princesses, and the one boy in the group was dressed like a king! lol

On Sunday I went to ‘play’ sister’s play (yes I collect family lol). All the time you hear about the negative youngsters, but never about the positive ones. It was put on by a local church, and it was a really good play, with a wonderful message. I think those are the types of things I want to go to now. Uplifting and optimistic.

On the way home I was at a set of traffic lights and a posh car screeched next to me. I glanced at the driver, smiled and faced the front again. I heard a voice so I turned back and he had his window down asking me for my number! I shook my head because I’ve got a million and one things to be thinking about. Men are really high on my list right now. He continued to ask, and eventually I thought, sod it why not? I started to wind my window down, but it got stuck. The lights changed, he sped off.

I tried to put the window up, and it moved, but was out of alignment. I pushed it back into place, and started to put it down so it can go back up properly. Then I heard the most awful noise, and the sound of broken glass. The window was stuck half open.

I phoned my insurance glass repair people and they said they could out the next afternoon. I asked them if my car would still be insured to sleep with open overnight, and was met with silence, then ‘so would you like the appointment?’. I took it, but then phone autoglass. The earliest they could do was between 2-4am. So I took it. The guy arrive at about half 2 and said that the window mechanism needs replacing. Once that is done then I needed to get the window done.

I  must have looked like I was feeling because he kindly offered to secure the window for me, and said if I could find the part at a breakers yard, he’d fit it for me. He left eventually about 4 and I had 3.5 hours sleep before going to work…





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