Slow and Steady

The funeral

Posted on: November 17, 2010

There must have been about 800 people at my cousins funeral. It was amazing to see, and I think it shows how nice a person she was. The casket was open. Now the last time I saw a casket open was my little cousin over ten  years ago. It didn’t look anything like him and  it stayed with me for weeks, and I never looked at another open casket again.

My cousin who dressed her though said that she looked like she was just sleeping, so I decided to look and say goodbye. To be honest, I don’t know why people have open caskets, or what is the story behind it. If you’re religious or spiritual then the belief is the persons spirit has left the body and is with us always, so why look at the body?

Anyway I did have a peek and said a few things to her. Her children ran out of the church in tears, it was heartbreaking.

The service was very sombre. Usually Jamaican funerals are a celebration of life, but I think that this one was different because no-one apart from her immediate family knew she was sick, so there was the shock factor too. Also the hymns chosen were very sad.

The hall afterwards was packed, there wasn’t enough space and people were standing outside and in the passage. After sitting down for a while and feeling useless I went to help behind the bar, and really enjoyed it! It was something that I did in my old job and love the banter. Didn’t last long, but afterwards I had people waving at me, and asking me to go back. lol.It’s things like that I miss about the old me.

I didn’t even eat. I tell you what was funny: Funny ironic, not funny funny. My Aunty told everyone who came to the house that she doesn’t want black at the funeral. Every time I saw the queue for food or drink, most of the people were pretty much in black. The people not wearing black were doing things like serving food, or cooking. So it looked like all the effort was made for people who hadn’t even bothered to go and see my aunty.

Then my phone got stolen. I’m still so pissed I can’t write about it. The thing that pisses me off most is the fact I’ve lost my calendar.


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