Slow and Steady

A cold isn’t just a cold when you have chronic pain

Posted on: December 17, 2010

I swear, when one part of your body doesn’t work well, you realise just how intertwined everything is.

I haven’t had a cough in nearly 3 years. I think it’s because I’ve been in the house most of the time as my mum and sister both have had coughs and colds and I was fine. Now I’m back in work, around loads of people, I’ve picked up this horrid smoker’s sounding cough.

Do you know how hard coughing is on your back? Every time I cough it feels like I’m being hit with a bat on my lower back. The impact of it also hurts my neck as coughing seems to throw the neck forward. It’s only a tiny move, but it hurts so I’ve noticed I’ve been tensing my shoulders to try and keep my neck still which in turn hurts the neck.

So unless this cough disappears overnight, my weekend plans will have to be cancelled.

It’s things like this that people don’t think about, that the benefits agency and GPs don’t get.

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