Slow and Steady

Death doesn’t care…

Posted on: December 17, 2010

I think about dying a lot. I imagine the last words I’d say to friends and family, and how I pass away.

I had a stark reminder though this week, that like most things in life, death can come at any time without much warning.

Last Sunday my Mum’s pastor was at his church as normal. A fellow Pastor was celebrating an anniversary at his own church,  so my Mum’s Pastor went home, and then left out to pick up some people to take to the other church. On the way, he started having severe chest pains. They were so bad that he pulled over,  knocked on a strangers’ door and asked them to call an ambulance because he thinks he‘s having a heart attack. They came, and he died on the way to the hospital. As the word started spreading, there were people who flat out refused to believe it because ‘I just saw him an hour ago’.

The thought of dying alone, in pain and not having the chance to say goodbye, makes me cry.

I know that when it’s someone’s time, then they have to go, but we can’t all help thinking that if he had put the same effort into losing weight as he did into enriching the lives of others, he might still be here to see his children graduate.

Tomorrow truly isn’t promised.


Rest in peace Pastor Phil x x x


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