Slow and Steady

So I’m thinking about getting a portable wheelchair…

Posted on: January 6, 2011

I know, it sounds like a big step, but I’m thinking about trying to live as normal as positive. How does a wheelchair do that?

I got an email from ticketmaster about upcoming shows. One of my favourite singers is coming to The Jazz Cafe. I’ve avoided Jazz Cafe because the last time I went there, the only seats they have are not able to view the stage. They can push a stool to the back wall, but when it fills up you can’t see anything and it’s not very comfortable. I ended up having to go up some steep stairs and having dinner to sit at the tables. It’s all a bit of a faff to be honest.

If I had a wheelchair, I could just roll up (lol) and watch the concert, obviously giving myself space to stand up when needed. Just an idea…


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