Slow and Steady

Back to square 2

Posted on: January 21, 2011

Had my appointment with the rhuemy this week to get the results of the mri I had done on my SI joint. All fine. Yes I know, it’s a good thing, but bloody hell.

The reason why I say I’m not back to square 1 is because they know my blood has inflammation, they just need to find out why. Unfortunately that can’t been done for now. Why? Because apparently I have fluid on my lungs. Now the Rheumy told me about this when I saw her last month. Apparently was on an old MRI and no-one thought to say anything because that is not what they were looking for.

She send me to get an xray that day, and it came back showing it’s still there. That’s not good according to her. Not really serious, but something that she thinks needs further investigation, especially as I do feel out of breath sometimes. I told her that when I was explaining why I thought I had Ankylosing Spondilytis.  So now I’m being referred to the chest clinic, which takes up to 10 weeks.

So it seems like they are finding out everything that is wrong in every part of my body but my neck and back. Oh yes, while the mri came back clear or my joints, I had a fibroid.

What can I do but shrug and laugh?

She said once that is sorted out she’s going to think about giving me steroid injections. She also gave me a prescription for pain meds my doctor didn’t want me taking as they’ll cause weight gain. She told me to give them 10 weeks.


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