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The secret life of pain

Posted on: February 1, 2011

Watched a really interesting documentary on pain today. It covered the whole spectrum, from people who can feel on pain at all to people who feel it constantly. They seem to be making real inroads to finding a cure. Can’t blame them really because the number of people with chronic is 1 in 5. Wow

I found one way really interesting, it’s called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It works by reversing any changes that have been made in the brain from chronic pain.

I cried when she cried. I can imagine how wonderful it must be to feel no pain. So I got online, and found the doctor who was featured. I actually found his personal number, and spoke to him directly. He said that he only uses people for trials who are in the area because it has to be done over a period of months. He said that he’s waiting for an approval for funding  another in June, and some London hospitals may be taking part. I just have to keep checking the site. Bless him I bet he’s going to have a barrage of calls today.

Link to Video

Pain Relief Foundation Site


1 Response to "The secret life of pain"

Just read your blog re the Horizon Pain programme. My wife who has suffered chronic pain for 12 years now was also fascinated by the trans cranial magnetic stimulation bit. Please would you send me the contact number you discovered – my search has not been so fruitful? Where is the guy? If he was part of the Bath team we might qualify as we don’t live far away. Thanks, Graham Weaver

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