Slow and Steady

Thumps down Ikea

Posted on: February 1, 2011

I needed to get a couple of storage boxes from Ikea. Now I’m sure anyone who goes to Ikea knows that the place is always busy. I looked online to see if I could get them delivered, but it wasn’t worth it and I do only live 15 minutes (by car) away from it.

I decided to go on the access page, and I saw the little wheelchair sign. So I rang them, and it turns out they have motorised wheelchairs! I was so happy… No SERIOUSLY happy. The last time I went to Ikea I ended up being carted out on a trolley cause my back had seized up, and I never went back.

So I got there, and the people on the customer service desk were lovely and supplied me with a chair, I had to leave my car key with them though. I was shown where the lift was, and off I scooted.

That’s when it all started to go wrong.

The main aisle was OK, but if I wanted to look in any of the show homes I had to leave the chair because it can’t fit.

Guess how I found that out?

By getting stuck in the 1 bedroom house show home.

I was there for ages, and eventually tried to reverse back out the way I came. That’s when I heard a really awful sound. These chairs have a noise to indicate reversing. Now Sainsbury’s chair has a nice beep, this one was loud enough to tell Pluto I’m reversing! It was awful I didn’t even want to press it.

Once I got out of there, there were loads of  boxes of stuff to be put out in my way, so I had to manoeuvre my way round them. The lever to move started hurting my hand, and when I got to the lift to go downstairs to pay, I found out it was out of order and had to go all the way back to the first one. Not impressed at all. The actual staff were lovely, but if you’re going to provide a service, do it properly, or don’t do it at all.

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