Slow and Steady

Android users?

Posted on: February 2, 2011

Any apps you want to share with me?

So far I’ve got

Astrid tasks – Love it, it’s a to do list that gives you reminders constantly

Kegel muscle exerciser – It’s a timer so tells you when to squeeze and when to and when to relax.

Moment Diary – When you write in it, it has a time and date stamp. I’m using it as a food diary. You can also add images in it too.

Ping chat – This is like BB messenger as you just give people your name on ping chat, so they don’t have to have your number. Perfect for giving to people you meet online.

Sound hound – This is like Shazam, but in my opinion a lot better. It managed to give me the names of songs of most of the untitled tracks I have in my music folders. Brilliant.

WhatsApp – Like Ping, but it’s for people in your phone book. A free way to send pictures and stuff.

Any more I should be adding?


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