Slow and Steady

Fruit Flush week 4

Posted on: February 4, 2011

It all went so very wrong. I made the protein shakes wrong and they were disgusting. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth, so I just stopped taking it. Because I’m going to have to tighten the purse strings anyway, I thought that for the next 8 weeks, I’ll just do fruit, salad and a ‘hot protein element’ for 3 days of the week.

Today though, last day for this week, I got a message from work. Now my manager has changed again. When I found out my manager was going, she originally said that she was going to still deal with me. Looks like the powers that be decided not to go for that one. So of course, this one wants me to go to see occupational health.

I freaked out, and end up eating everything. Crisps, biscuits, cake. What’s done is done now. I’ll pick up and continue.


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