Slow and Steady

Ding ding ding!

Posted on: February 7, 2011

This week has given me a real wake up call from a financial view. I’ve been meaning to do a financial check up for a while now, but have not really made the time and effort. Today I sat down and done some real number crunching. I can just about get by with the money I’m getting in at the moment.

The original plan was to save as much as I could while I’m still working to try some alternative therapies such as one on one sessions of the Alexander Technique, and seeing a naturopath doctor.

Life had a different path for me though.

My employer didn’t pay the correct taxes for me, so I ended up having to fork out nearly a grand in tax. Then my car needed a new exhaust, brake pads, and other bits so that was another huge sum of  cash. Oh and the freeholder of my flat sent me a final warning before court action for the ground rent and services. Thing is, I hadn’t got any of the previous letters. Luckily, I had been putting money for that to the side, but still needed to put a bit more towards it. The freeholder has also informed us of works that will be taking place, so I’m going to have to put something aside for that too. Apart from the ground and services charges for the flat, these expenses came as a complete surprise. I’ve stuck them all on a credit card.

It’s all 0% until September so I’m just going to make the minimum payments on that and put the cash into an ISA. When the 0% is coming to an end, I’ll use the money in the ISA to reduce the balance. That way, I’ll get some interest, and use that too. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something. I actually feel positive in an odd way. If this was a few years back, I’d be completely stuck as I didn’t had a good credit score, so wouldn’t have been able to get the 0% deals that I have now.

Having a look at the ISA table, I’m going to go with  Santander. As I’m a customer, the rate is 3%. I’m going to transfer my grocery and petrol money into another account, so I don’t have to go into my main account at all.

Unfortunately the alternative therapies will have to take a back seat… Again.

The one thing I’m going to keep pressing for is counselling. I feel that would be the most beneficial thing for me right now. I’m going to fund it by selling some of my annual leave back to the company.

So not good news for me to be honest, but I’m happy to say I’m in control of the situation.



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