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Cooking shows

Posted on: February 18, 2011

I absolutely love cooking, and watch a lot of cooking shows. I’ve been watching Jamie’s 30 minute meals, and wanted to try and cook along with him. I don’t have a food processor though, so I looked at the meals that didn’t need it. I decided on this one. Sardines with salad, halloumi cheese and chocolate mousse.

I decided to go on mysupermarket to check how much it would cost me in Sainsburys, and it’s nearly £30 quid! I tried the cheapest one which was Asda, but they only do sardines in a tin. If my back was OK, I’d just go to both, but it wouldn’t be possible now. Also, with cost of petrol, it would be expensive driving here and there. I went back and changed all the ingredients I could to the basic brand, and it was still over £20. Now obviously the things like golden caster sugar and sesame seeds will be able to last, but what about the things like cream and halloumi? I suppose that I could go further, and cut out the figs and use another cheaper fruit, or cut out the more expensive ingredients, but what is the point of that? It wouldn’t be the recipe!

So while it’s a good idea in theory, it’s expensive for me.  Especially with my fussy family who don’t like trying anything new. Even though it’s reasonably healthy I can’t it ALL by myself… Well actually I can, but it wouldn’t help with my plan to fit into my old clothes.

My favourite show at the moment is Cookery School. I actually applied to be on this show. I can see why I never got a call back, the stairs leading up to the cooking area alone would’ve killed me. There is no way I would have lasted the day much less a week! Anyway as much as I love the show, there aren’t many recipes I actually want to try for myself. It’s the cooking skills that interest me.

I wouldn’t mind doing the sardines stuffed with feta cheese. I might even try cooking along with the programme on 4od. I have most of the ingredients like pine nuts etc. at home.

Final one is Baking Made Easy. I wasn’t sure about this one, because she seemed to be making things from ready made pastry. Also the cake she made in the 1st show had these chocolate curls that were nearly £30. However there are a couple of things I’d like to try. Her puff pastry, and tomato tart tatin. It looks amazing, but I’ve never tried making my own puff pastry

I’ve never really been a fan of Masterchef, but I’m going to give it a go this series.


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