Slow and Steady

Back again

Posted on: August 2, 2012

Well, I’ve been told to keep a record of certain things, so thought I’d use this space. I’ve been meaning to return.

This week
My sister came shopping with me and carried the bags to and from the car.
I made something to eat but had no energy to wash up, so my sister tided up the kitchen then set me a bath. I was very tired because I had run out of sleeping pills and felt really achy. It was a good day though, my new solicitor has shown me he’s prepared to stick up for me, and it’s left me on a high.

I attempted to tidy up my room, but didn’t really have any energy, so I spent most of the time in bed.
Again, low energy so had my therapy session in my car because my therapist’s place has stairs. I wanted to make dinner, so decided to save my energy for that. I didn’t have an ingredient so my sister went to the shop and got it for me. My mum washed the dishes, and I settled in for an early night.

I went to my gran’s today. There has been a package to collect from my local sorting office from the 14th, but I keep forgetting about it. My sister reminded me about it today, then went in and picked it up for me. At my gran’s she gave me a load of stuff to take home, and put it in the car for me. My sister will take it out when she gets in, or my mum. Whoever is first. I don’t understand because I usually feel less achy when the weather is warm, but instead I feel so heavy.
I’m trying out a new pool tomorrow. I hope that may help some. It’s also got a steam room, so I’ll do some callanetics stretches there too.


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