Slow and Steady

I told you so!

Posted on: November 30, 2012

This isn’t something I say in real life because it isn’t helpful. I have to say though, I’m feeling quite smug at the moment. When I decided to change solicitors because the union one was crap, I got the sense that my union rep thought I was being a drama queen and greedy. Whenever I tried to explain that their defeatist attitude, and lackadaisical approach to something that could potentially be my only income was concerning me, I’d get a long bit of silence and then “I see”, in a tone that clearly said they didn’t.

Even after speaking to my new one, there was still a sense of me being a drama queen.

Now we’re in a fight with the company for something we have both been denied and guess what? The unions solicitors aren’t keen to go forward with it. So who they going to turn to? MY NEW SOLICITOR!


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