Slow and Steady

About Me

I started writing my blog, entitled at the time,  ‘healthy eating while broke blog’ when I was injured in an accident and getting only half of my wage. I used my ‘rainy day savings’ to help me through.

Unfortunately the rainy day savings ran out so I rented out my place and moved back to my mother’s house and am trying to get myself healthy in all areas of my life, Mind, Body and Purse!

I’m trying to cope with the effects of long term chronic pain in my back and neck. I do not have a name for my condition which is very upsetting and frustrating.

The condition may culminate in me having to find a completely new career.

I’ve always been interested in personal finance, and have decided that if this condition is here to stay, I need to learn to make my money work harder.

This blog is about the ups and downs of everyday living with chronic pain, my journey into the world of savings and investments and trying to be as healthy as I can.

I decided to change the name to ‘wealthy and healthy’ as I wanted to be looking forward into what I hope to be.



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