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I bought a Silvercrest mixer from Lidl last year It’s fantastic and is really helpful as I can’t do lots of whipping and mixing without my back and neck hurting.

As I mentioned in this post, I had been sent a new one back in January, That one has now broken as mentioned in this post, and I got a new one today.

Yes, the quality isn’t the greatest, but they are replacing them with no question so I don’t mind at all.


I’ve been saying for a long time, that I just want to try going back doing different duties. However today I have to be honest with myself. I don’t want to work for the company anymore. I don’t want to do my original job, and I don’t want to do anything else.

I got a letter today, about a meeting, and I actually threw up. It’s not right, I’m not supposed to feel this way. I’m ready to let go. Enough now, lets cut ties and get on with living.

Well last weeks meal plan was followed until Sunday when I started to have a flare up.

I ate a salmon salmon dish yesterday as I didn’t have my fish dish on Monday as planned.

This weeks meal plan is going to be very vague because I’m going to stay with a friend from tonight until probably Sunday.

So Monday to Wednesday, what I plan on doing is rubber chicken.

Rubber chicken sounds disgusting doesn’t it? Rubber chicken isn’t a recipe, it’s what you call making chicken stretch over a few days.

So using next week for example, I’m going to make roast chicken on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I’m going to use the left overs to make a chicken and pasta pie recipe I have in my home-made cook book. Wednesday will be a veggie soup made with the carcass of the chicken as stock and any leftover fresh veg in the fridge.

The only things I need to buy are potatoes, mushrooms and a bottle of white wine for the pasta pie recipe.

Has anyone else noticed how reasonable Marks and Spencers have become recently? I’m loving the 3 for £10 on fresh meat and fish. I’m going to stock up once I’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer and have some space, if the offer is still on of course, it should be as it’s supposed to be a month long. Depends if their month started on the 1st I guess.

I’m posting on my lovely new laptop. A proper keyboard, this is true bliss.

I want to say a big thank you to Mark from mcscom. He handled my order with a lot of care, and after the problem I had with the first order, he checked every screen I was interested in until he found a matte one. It’s a refurb, but has a 3 year Dell Warranty, and I cannot see a scratch on it. I much prefer to buy an older product that was highly rated, than a newer product that is cheaply made.

I’m going to spend the evening pimping my laptop!

I’ve taken off all the rubbish that comes preloaded, and downloaded my essential programmes. I have also taken some tips from The Simple Dollar blog and MSE about essential free software.

My Essential Programmes

I downloaded Firefox of course. There is no reason to ever misspell anything with the dictionary plugin and I absolutely love the fab autopager plugin for infinitive scrolling.

When it comes to Anti Virus I’ve never had any problems with Avast, so no need to change a good thing. To clean up all the left over bits of software junk etc, I use CCleaner. It also lets you disable what opens when the computer boots up, so it can run faster.

The next thing I downloaded was VLC. It plays  movies from any region, so I don’t have to bother with wmp at all.

To make minor changes to pictures, reduce red eye etc, I use

Robocom is something I downloaded when I was entering competitions, and it was so handy I’ve kept it on my computer. You can fill in forms with one click.

Recommendations I’m going to try out

Abiword– I don’t have Word, and Microsoft Works is as much use a chocolate teapot. This is supposed to be a good alternative.

Thunderbird– Now I should be really ashamed to admit this, but I have absolutely no idea how to use Outlook. I’ve never worked in an office, and I’ve always used hotmail, gmail etc so thought it unnecessary.  For the little something I’m working on, I need to use it. I thought that as it’s a Mozilla tool, and I can add plugins to it too, I can’t go wrong.

Workrave – It locks the computer down so you can take a break, have a stretch etc. Sometimes I don’t realise how much time I’m wasting browsing for important things online, so this will hopefully keep me focused.

Picard – Now I have a lot of salsa cds made by DJs etc, and when I’ve put them on my hard disk, they are nameless. This piece of software apparently analyses it, and puts a name to it. I’m looking forward to using this.

Media Monkey Now I no longer have an ipod, I’m going to experiment with a different player.

So as you can see I have lots to do!