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I can’t believe that I’ve not written on here since February. Lots and lots have happened, but I’m going to stick with the present right now.

I’ve just come back from a spa break. It was lovely and relaxing, and it gave me a lot of time to think. I realised that I’m not being totally honest with myself.

How? Well food for a start. I like to say I’m trying the best I can, but am I really? At the spa there were no snacks apart from fruit, and you had 3 meals a day. A good portion of that was fruit and vegetables. For example we had peach cheesecake one night as dessert, and instead of the peach being on top of it, it was mixed in so it was quite healthy.

At home, I haven’t been doing that well. Instead of trying to inspire my family to eat better, I’ve been like them, snacking when I’m peckish on the crisps and biscuits instead of waiting until I’m hungry and eating a proper meal.

I’ve also realised that stairs are something that I really find difficult. I found that I was moving a lot better at the spa, I thought it was because I was in such a relaxing place, and while that probably was a factor, when I had to climb stairs I realised how much it hurts.

I really want to move back into my home, so I’ve made an appointment with the welfare advisor to see if there is any way I can do it.

I’ve come back, positive, and so far, have cut out the snacking, and have made an effort to have some fruit or veg with each meal.


Well last weeks meal plan was followed until Sunday when I started to have a flare up.

I ate a salmon salmon dish yesterday as I didn’t have my fish dish on Monday as planned.

This weeks meal plan is going to be very vague because I’m going to stay with a friend from tonight until probably Sunday.

So Monday to Wednesday, what I plan on doing is rubber chicken.

Rubber chicken sounds disgusting doesn’t it? Rubber chicken isn’t a recipe, it’s what you call making chicken stretch over a few days.

So using next week for example, I’m going to make roast chicken on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I’m going to use the left overs to make a chicken and pasta pie recipe I have in my home-made cook book. Wednesday will be a veggie soup made with the carcass of the chicken as stock and any leftover fresh veg in the fridge.

The only things I need to buy are potatoes, mushrooms and a bottle of white wine for the pasta pie recipe.

Has anyone else noticed how reasonable Marks and Spencers have become recently? I’m loving the 3 for £10 on fresh meat and fish. I’m going to stock up once I’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer and have some space, if the offer is still on of course, it should be as it’s supposed to be a month long. Depends if their month started on the 1st I guess.

If you look at my meal plan, you’ll say that today was the day I was eating a ‘surprise’ dish. Turns out it was meatballs with cous cous. Really nice it was too. It reminded though that when I was in my own place, I used to use masking tape as food labels for the freezer. I must pick some up the next time I’m out and about which will be never if the snow doesn’t clear!

Yesterday with the mince I made, I decided I wanted them in tortilla wraps instead of rice. I found an easy recipe so decided to try making them. They were dead easy (not in perfect circles though) and so cheap. The flour cost about 7p. The cheapest I’ve seen them for is 78p in Lidl!

Cheap and cheerful tortilla wraps

Here’s the recipe

Makes 8 –

250g plain flour (plus extra for rolling out)
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp olive or sunflower oil
150ml warm water

Sift flour into mixing bowl with salt. Put oil in jug of the warm water then pour liqui over flour stirring well, eventually using your hands. Knead for about 5 mins. Cover dough and let rest for 15 mins.

Divide dough into 8 pieces, and then roll out each into a flat circle (ahem – or whatever shape you can manage!!). Get frying pan really hot (no oil) then turn heat down med-low. Put rolled out flatbread on pan for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Turn over and do other side. easy peasy.

With the mince, I also decided to make some Jamaican patties!

Jamaican patties, cheap and frugal

I’ve still got a load of mince left too! amazing what some beans and carrots can do!


I’m dead impressed with myself, I did walk away the pounds again today. I wanted to increase my walk to 3/4 of a mile, but my back was hurting, especially when I was doing the side steps. I think it may be because I did the exercise in the evening, instead of first thing in the morning, and I was tired from the walking I had done in the day.

My friend locked herself out of her house, and I have the spare keys. Afterwards, I decided to pop in the supermarket and get some essentials and the shelves were practically bare! Both Sainsbury and Lidl had no eggs, I couldn’t believe it.


Mince stew with rice or in a patty.

I’ve taken a pack of mince and have managed to make it into a huge pot of food by adding some lentils, black beans and carrots.


Leftover surprise.

I have a container in the freezer that has cous cous and something else which I’m not entirely sure of.


Veggie Day.

I’m thinking of using up the pumpkin soup I have in the freezer… A quick side note, you don’t have to defrost soup before use. You can just put it in a pot and leave it to heat up… Anyway I’m thinking soup with some stirfried veggies and a bit of noodles.


Chicken a la Forum

On one of the forums I’m on, there is a ‘try a new recipe a week thread’. This week is paprika chicken so I’ve decided to try it out with roasted potatoes.


Fish Day

Pilchards and pasta


Quiche (1 of the three I bought for 10p!) and vegetables.


Parsnip roulade from freezer.

It feels nice to be  in control again. I’m trying to use all the leftovers in the freezer so I can organise it properly.

Happy New Year!

I’m back.

I’ve decided to get back into blogging. I miss it, and I really want to get myself motivated again.

So new year, new beginnings? We always seem to make these massive resolutions and by the end of January we’ve usually tried and failed to get a proper routine going.

I think that it’s because we want to change, but don’t think about how we are going to make this transition. We run into our resolutions head first, and not realise that if we start slowly and take our goals day by day we’d succeed.

That is why I have called mine New Day resolutions

Everyday, I’m going to work at my resolutions. If I cannot do any for whatever reason, I’ll start again the next day.

I’ve set alarms in my phone to go off at a particular time each day for each particular task. I’m really enthusiastic about this way. I think it will also give me the sense of being busy, which is what I need.

My daily tasks are the following:

Walk away the pounds exercise and stretches.

The exercise will hopefully help me lose weight and the stretching helps me feel less stiff when I wake up.

Pre course work for CELTA course

The course I spoke about starts next month and I need to complete all the pre course homework.

Listen to Paul McKenna CD and fill out the diary

When I follow this system, it works. I just haven’t been doing so for various reasons. I want to lose weight, and I do not want to give anything up, so I’m back on this, and have restarted the 90 day diary. I’ve also taken pictures of myself in a bikini (awful) and trying on my favourite pair of jeans (they don’t even go up my thigh).

I thought about weighing myself, but I’m not really interested in weight because I’m naturally muscular and so even if I lose a stone, I barely lose a dress size. I’m more interested in inches so I’m looking for my tape measure.


I’ve been playing around with my meds for the past few months trying to find out which way is best for me. The pain clinic suggested only taking them when you start to feel really bad. I tried that and it didn’t work for me, so I’m back to taking them every 4 hours. I set my alarm to take them though as my memory is awful!

Weekly reminders

Checking my phone minutes

I’ve been caught out recently going over my minutes and it’s really expensive, so I’m going to check my balance weekly to make sure I don’t go over

Deal with only cash…

Except for petrol. The money I use for my weekly budget is £28 and some pence. I can’t get a fiver out of the cash machine so am going to use the £8 for petrol and have £20 for food outgoing etc.

Write a weekly meal plan

When you meal plan, you spend a lot less money so I’m going back to planning.  I want to have one fish day and one non meat day. I’ve been slacking a lot on this, and I’m feeling it. To make it more exciting I’m going to make one of the meals in my menu plan from my ever growing home made recipe book. recipe, weight loss

That’s me for now. How about you?

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to be using the Paul McKenna I can make you thin system to lose weight.

The first rule, the one I’m focusing on this week is: Eat when you’re hungry. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but when was the last time you were actually hungry?

In the book Mr McKenna suggests checking in with yourself to see if you’re hungry every hour using a scale of 1-10. The goal is to not to get to either extremes. He goes on to say that if you are not sure whether or not you’re hungry, have a glass of water, and describes hunger as a slow build up as opposed to a sudden craving.

Now that I’m listening to my body, I’m only beginning to feel peckish about 3 hours after being up.

I usually would have had breakfast in the first hour of being awake, and would have started thinking about lunch because of the time, and not because I was actually hungry.

I find it amazing how out of tune I am with my body, and am looking forward to being reconnected with myself again.

I didn’t have any eggs in the house and wanted something sweet… OK let me be honest, I wanted to find a way to not rely on eggs as they are really expensive in my opinion.

I saw a dairy free recipe on this blog, and I thought that they looked amazing. I halved the recipe because I only wanted to make six, but it ended up making 12. 6 of my silicone cupcake cakes, and 6 fairy cake size cases.

I didn’t have enough caster sugar, so used brown sugar instead.

They came out lovely. A bit too sweet, which I think was the brown sugar’s fault. I’m going to try them again next week with only caster sugar, and I’m sure they’ll come out lovely. I’m lucky enough to have a jug I bought from the States, so didn’t have to convert the measurements.

Sorry about the awful photo quality.